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Daily Schedule

Each week teachers will choose a topic to use to present to the children. Something that the Preschool staff need the parents to remember is that, even though the topic provides new words and facts, the topic is only the crayon that the teacher has chosen to color the whole picture of brain development for that week. Your child’s overall brain development is what we teach at Grace Lutheran Preschool. It will be very obvious what the topic crayon is for the week, but the brain processing development is harder to see. Parents are encouraged to look further than the topic and discover the learning that is happening at each part of the scheduled day.

Rug Time

Attention span, self control, responding to questions, attending skills

Center Time

Making decisions, sticking to a task, feeling pride in accomplishments, learning to “wait your turn”, developing small muscles, games and activities that prepare bodies for elementary expectations

Clean-up Time

Being part of a group with expectations of teamwork, classification, time limits


Following directions, feeling comfortable with change, stopping when told to, deciding what to do next

Snack Time

Health issues, food nutrition, sharing with others, self-help skills such as pouring and getting tools

Outside Play

Making choices in a big world, being part of a group, using large muscles, taking on the challenge of movement, equipment skills

Music Time

Following directions, discovering parts of the body and how they move, self-control to match music to body movement, learning to hear the different sounds in music

Chapel Time

Chapel manners, respect for God’s house, discovery of God’s love and caring, fellowship in Christian community, familiarity with Pastors, what going to church is all about

Lunch Time

Eating independently with minimal help, making good nutrition decisions, clean up and put away lunch items, sharing space and social interaction in a group.


Additional opportunity to practice the readiness skills of attention span, self control, and discrimination; use of lines to make shapes, letters, and numbers used in the communication of language and math

As you can see, your child will bring home very little of what you can see because what they learn is in their brains! Art projects are important but please don’t measure your child’s learning by what you can put on the refrigerator. Preschool learning takes time and is slow. Preschool learning is growth. You will look one day and there will be a flower!